nature is sick

Our Earth🌍 is Sick🤒- Save it before it dies! 👈

We all are under one planet☝, one life☝, and have only one chance☝. It’s totally in our hand🤝 on what to do✅ and what not to do❎. As we all know that, those days are gone when our mother nature was used to be beautiful🍃🍂, peaceful😇, and magnificent🤩.  Don’t you think that we all have raped our planet ❓

nature is sick

Problems Our Earth Facing 🌍:

Ozone Hole: 

According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), on September 11, 2017, the hole reached its maximum point at its surface area 12,123 million square kilometers.

ozone hole

Ozone hole occurs due to the three following reasons:

Human activities:

Release of compounds such as chlorine or bromine due to human activities🛵🚔 is the major cause of ozone damage. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) is the most destructive molecule responsible for ozone layer depletion. CFC is mainly used in air conditioners and refrigerators👈.

Natural resources:

Natural occurring chlorine is also responsible for ozone layer depletion. 

Volcanic eruptions🌋:

Due to the large volcanic eruption, chlorine along with sulphur dioxide released directly into the atmosphere from a compound hydrochloric acid.

Due to ozone hole🌎📌, we face issues like skin cancer🤕, destroy plant life cycle🍃, immunity system damage🤢 and also marine life🐟🐙.

problems due to ozone hole

Public health issue:

Nature is affected due to pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. All these pollution results in human illness🤒. It can damage nerve, causes headache, cancer, respiratory illness and even death😲. 

Health effects due to pollution

Deforestation causes:

  • Water pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Soil erosion
  • Shifting cultivation
  • Animal death or extinction
  • Loss of vegetation and resources

Acid rain⛈:

Burning coal, burning petrol and oil from vehicles🚘 produces harmful gases that mixed up with water vapor or rain water that leads to acid rain.


Human and animals face respiratory diseases.

Marine life🐟 severely affected due to acid rain⛈.

It also damages the number of buildings🏬 and statues🗽.

Waste Disposal🚯:

Improper management of waste disposal is the real cause of environmental pollution due to which various infectious diseases spread.  

Climate Changing:

Due to climate change, the temperature is continuously rising📈. Drought and heat waves are found everywhere. 

In summer☀, before the time period, Arctic Ocean is ice-free🗻 sometime.

Sea level is rising that results in flood🌊.

Over Population:

This is the main cause of deforestation as large area of forest cleared for the settlement of human. Due to deforestation, not only human but also other living organisms get affected👈. 

The world has already lost 80% of its forest just because of industrial🏭, agricultural, and urban use🏬.

Solutions to overcome these problems:

Recycling and composting waste materials.

waste disposal management

We should manage waste material properly by keeping waste material such as paper, glass, plastic, and metal in specific dustbin🚯 so that it would be easy to recycle, reuse, and reduced.

Save water

save water

Reduce carbon dioxide emission as much as possible.

Use cycle🚲, public transportation🚌 or walk🚶‍to reduce the harmful emission of gases.

Use reduce, reuse, and recycled products to save trees🌳.

Save earth infographics

Let us stand all together👫👭 and pledge🤛 to this earth🌎 to save our mother nature🙏.

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