Why Many Fail to Earn in the Personal Development Niche?

Many people go for personal development niche but find very difficult to bring traffic and monetize. Read this post completely to know where many fail.

Do you have personal development niche with your blog? Is it difficult for you to build traffic and earn with your personal development blog?

You might be thinking, why I am asking all these silly questions? 😉

 Personal development niche is one of the biggest markets. It is the toughest market to stand out unless you have a serious plan. It’s difficult to monetize even.

Well, don’t worry at all my friend. You’re not lost and in the right place to take this journey to the best journey.

It’s not like to pick up the different niche. This post gives you the reason why most of the personal development don’t progress, and how to make it unique.

What’s the problem?

Personal development niche is a very vast niche as far as the actual market is concerned. Most blogs post quotes and other inspirational stuff to lift others. The headlines and content look common. Sometimes you may get social shares like on Facebook, youtube etc. but it is not going to help you out as far as business is concerned.

Is it possible to make money in this way? Well, the answer is “NO”

Think it logically. If you’re going to face any unmotivated people, then how is it possible for them to buy your product?

First of all, find out what people are searching for? What outcomes they really want? They mainly search for the solution to specific problems. In general, people who are searching something on Google are already aware of problems. There are looking for the best solution. Don’t show a common solution to them. Try to bring something new that really help them.

Find out the clear idea on whom you’re going to serve and what you’re going to deliver?

These are the key factor in every niche but it’s pretty much difficult to find out in broad niches like “personal development”.

Even though you want to help in everything but it’s not possible to do simultaneously. It really doesn’t work at all.

Be clear on to whom you’re going to serve and what you are delivering about? What are those exact solutions you’re providing and in what way?

Be exact and clear whatever you’re doing.

The Requirements to Survive In Personal Development Niche


Many personal development blogs lack personality. They don’t have any videos or story. They don’t have even their photograph. It’s very difficult to survive here by hiding yourself. You need to build a very strong community and your brand. People need to like and trust you.

Some tips to do:

  • Include a nice looking pics of yours on your site.
  • Include your story and what makes you choose this niche.
  • Try to include your own videos and this is the best way to interact with your audience.

You should be confident enough and be like a leader. Be a role model for them otherwise, you may lack behind.

So, it’s up to you now to make a proper selection of your idea that you’re going to deliver and to whom. What you’re thinking? Is this post valuable to you? Do you have personal development niche like this? Please share your experience below. If you’ve any suggestion then feel free to share. Wish you a great success ahead.












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