The Best Ways for Parents to Prevent Suicide

depression among teens

It’s difficult to find out the real cause of depression among teens. It involves a lot of factors. They face many challenges at this stage. This is what a shock wave for all of us. The suicide rate of teenage is increasing year after year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens.

It doesn’t matter what their problem is all about, their problems may be unbearable. We have to find out signs to prevent it like changes in their behavior, staying alone most of the time, aggressive behavior, unwilling to spend time with families and friends etc.

Most of the youngsters stay away from their families for education. They go to new place and stay among strangers. It’s difficult for them to be in touch with their parents. If something unwanted happened to them, then it becomes an unbearable pain for them and they commit suicide.

Finding shows suicide attempt more among children aged 12 to 17 years old. It also shows that most of them stay away from their parents or don’t communicate with their parents. They feel like they are all alone and no one are there during their hard times.

Noticeable reasons

Parents and teachers need to pay special attention as far as any changes is concerned.

  • Changes in actions

  1. Not willing to do work or taking any responsibilities.
  2. Secure less mark or performance is not good.
  • Changes in feelings

  1. Generally feel sad or hopeless.
  2. Seems like worried or depressed.
  • Changes in behaviour

  1. Getting aggressive most of the time.
  2. Stay away from friends or family.
  3. Changes in sleeping and eating pattern such as either more or less.
  4. Writing about suicide or death.


Noticeable reasons before teens commit suicideAwareness and Prevention

  • Don’t take your teen’s depression lightly

Sometimes they feel so uncomfortable to share their feeling to anyone. Mainly boys try to hide and think it shows their weak points. Try to sit with them comfortably and ask if they are facing any problems. Let them realise that they’re not alone and you’re are there with them. Give your helping hand tell them how much they mean to you.

  • Pay attention

Be in touch with your children. Always find some valuable time for them like making plan for trip or anything they love.

  • Share your feelings or motivational stories

Share your feelings or motivational stories with them. Let them know that ups And downs are part of life. We all face that turning point in our life. Life is precious to all of us. Nothing is permanent in this world so is our pain. We have to come across this situation to become stronger and make this life inspiring one.

  • Don’t let them stay alone

Always be with them. Try to keep them busy with some work or activities.

  • Mediation, Yoga is of great help

Any physical activities such as walking, lifting weights or yoga is of great help. These activities keep them healthy and they feel much better.

  • Build confidence

Build confidence in them. Tell them to focus on things they love. It’s better to make a plan and divide large tasks into smaller parts to reduce stress. Tell them once they finish that one part, you will celebrate with them. This will build confidence. Tell them that you’re proud of them. Give a hug to them.

  • Spend time

Always find time for your children and talk to them. Tell them that you care for them and help them with homework. Discuss with them about new things they have ever heard and let them stay motivated.

  • Professional help

Take professional help whenever you find any of a couple of red flags so that you prevent your child from this danger.


Awareness and prevention for teens suicideConclusion

Support from families and profession can be a great help. Let us join hand s together and spread this message as much as possible. Life is precious to all of us. Children are the future of our country and they are responsible to bring a difference this world.

“Save a life. Save children. Save world”

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