The Battle of the Millennial Moms and Postpartum Depression


It’s really difficult to find out the root of the postpartum depression and the battle of the millennial moms. As far as a workplace is concerned, it has become one of the controversial conversations. Every millennial mom struggles every day to be the best parents and to be best in the workplace. It’s just like try to do everything at a time and sometimes feel depressed when any of these not moving in the track. We know, motherhood itself is difficult and different. They feel unwanted sometimes once newborn comes.

Battle of millennial moms

“Women of strength have  a fire in her soul that makes them powerful in life’s journey”


Nowadays, there are a lot of cases of postpartum depression. The finding shows that one in seven women face postpartum depression. Many face week after week and years after years depression. Some feel like they almost lost their lives. They become angry, scared, embarrassed, and ashamed. They think all these behaviors of their make them a bad mom.

Let me tell you one thing, postpartum depression is a mental illness and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom. It doesn’t mean it will last forever. We can take an example of Serena William who comes under the list warrior mom’s list. She shared her struggle after the birth of her 8-month-old baby girl. She was about to die due to complications before giving birth. She also told that one day she was not getting her baby’s bottle and was about to cry as she wanted to be the perfect mom.

postpartum depression

According to Williams, to be a good mom means getting back to the same track as far as career is concerned. She is taking her daughter also with her to training for Wimbledon. Just like Williams, so many moms want for their kid is to be proud of their moms. Beauty and strength found within us instead of outside. Let’s have a look at the challenges most of the working women face nowadays and how to balance them.

Battle of the millennial moms:


1. Anxiety


The finding shows that working women experience more pressure than homemaker or parenting. It’s difficult for them to balance both at the same time that leads to frustration in their family life.


2. Financial issues

financial issues

When both the parents are working, they need to arrange some necessary facilities for their kids. All that facilities may require a large part of their income.


3. Health issues


Due to work pressure, many working women face health issues like high blood pressure, body pain, cardiac issues, insomnia, and arthritis for the longer period. Due to lack of time, they won’t find sufficient time to take care of themselves that results in negative health effects.


4. Professional issues

It doesn’t matter how much dedicated you are, you will be constantly brought down when you leave office early or take work from homes. This is the reason where many companies don’t give responsibilities or projects to them. It’s also mentioned in many job portals that Indian mothers are not responsible for field works and have to go for the fixed schedule such as 9 to 6. In most of the interviews also, you would be bombarded with your personal life questions like about your children and family as if they’re the main requirements as far as selection is concerned.

5. Nuclear families increasing day by day

nuclear family

Due to increase in the nuclear families, it’s pretty much difficult to manage everything alone. When some elders present at home, they take some responsibilities to take care and most importantly at the early stage of growth and development.


6. Look after sick children


One of the main problems is looking after their sick children. Millennial moms need to take their unpaid leaves to take care of their child. This is the reason that women generally need flexible time and of course, understanding the working environment. In India, people mindset is like that the Indian women are born to look after their family and friends. So, whenever they face any situation like a meeting at the workplace and sick child, they need to take care of their child, not work. If a child is in day-care, then they would be reminded repeatedly that they are selfish and aren’t giving priority to their child.


7. Difficult to find time on personal interests


It’s not easy for them to find out time for their personal interests like hanging out with their friends, going gym or any other activities. This leads to depression and anxiety.


8. Expected to be the best women ever


If you’re a working woman, you need to be a woman who is responsible for everything and need to handle by her own. You need to be there at every function of your family and schools else you would be treated as an irresponsible millennial mom.

Challenges of the millennial moms

Balancing life between home and workplace:


As problems are everywhere, still there are some tips to maintain healthy life balance between home and workplace.


1. Manage Time

time management

Time never waits for anyone but with a proper time management, one can work effectively. Try to wake up early and start your day with a fresh mind. Prioritize your work and start doing accordingly. This will help you manage your time and also save a lot of time.


2. Weekend schedule


Schedule some of the work for the weekend like paying bills, attending parent’s meeting, shopping and other things. You just need to jot down those things for the weekend. Set up reminders so that you would not be left out of those work.


3. Make a self-care plan

self care

Self-care keep you healthy and happy. Make a monthly plan to do the things you love to do.


4. Track your exercise and sleep pattern

exercise pattern

You feel much better if your night sleep and exercise is good. It’s difficult to manage the both for millennial moms, but you can go when you do with your friends. It’s better to work with a team to stay healthy and happy.


5. Make your support system strong


All your well-wishers come under your support system it may be personally or professionally.


6. Color important events on your calendar

When you color your important events then it not only easier to read but also bring positive feelings. It’s pretty good to make all your best and favorite event with your much-loved color. Color plays a major role in everyone’s life.

7. Set goals for both personal and professional life


If you feel like you’re lacking behind then start setting your goal now. Make a vision so that whenever you wake up you see it very first and work accordingly.

Life balance between home and workplace



It doesn’t mean that if you’re taking care of everyone then your life is motionless. Your work life balance is very important. Mental illness and depression are part of life. Once the clouds are clear, the sun will definitely rise. Open your heart and head. Have faith and love. . Keep fighting to make the rest part of your life the best one and make it inspiring.

Did you face any of the issue mentioned above? Is this information valuable to you? Do you have any other solution or problems? Don’t forget to share your thought in the comments section given below. Love to hear from you about your story.


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