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Employee motivation in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges of an organization. It’s not at all possible to stay motivated always. The most challenging part for anyone is to sit or work after lunch hour. Soon after your lunch, you feel tired and sleepy just because you started your day with full determination and energy. Your stomach is full and not allowing you to work. There may be a pressure of deadline and you’ve to start your work even though you’re not in a position to come to the track again.

There are many in the workplace who don’t enjoy their job or the task given to them which they don’t like. At this moment, it becomes one of the biggest challenges no matter how much energetic they’re.

Employee Motivation in Workplace

Benefits of workplace motivation

1. Multiply employee efficiency

Abilities or educations is not the only way to measure an employee’s efficiency. To get the best results, an employee must know the balance between the performances of the task given and willingness to perform the same. This balance plays a major role as far as the productivity and efficiency of an employee are concerned.

“Performance and willingness to perform the task multiply employee efficiency.”

2. Multiply employee commitment

Generally, motivated employees perform best in the tasks that are given to them.

“Commitment helps employees to take action thereby action leads to success.”

3. Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is very much needed to take the company to the next higher level.

“Employee satisfaction is the key ingredient to achieve success.”

4. Employee development

After achieving some initial goals, an employee gets the clear idea of their efforts and results that help them to move forward to the next higher level.

“Small steps help in achieving bigger goals.”

benefits of workplace motivation

How to bring employee motivation in the workplace

Here’re are some tips I jot down to keep your working place motivated.

1. Value team members

This is one of the very much required factor as far as employee motivation is concerned. Money is important most of the time but to value their hard work is a more real motivator.

value team members

“Value your team members and in return, you will get value.”

2. Applaud your team’s success

It’s not like to give standing ovation who achieve their target as it’s not easy to let every employee know their contributions that helped an organization to meet the next higher level.

Just try to add that greater picture instead of just telling great job or a good job. It should be like: Great job done by you Alex – it has reduced a lot of errors of a website that make a big difference to our users.

“Applaud your team’s success, it helps everyone to stay motivated and helps them in achieving success.”

3. Stay motivated

No one likes to discuss about their mistakes or their failures unless and until they’ve achieved something from them. It’s also true that expecting good results each and everyday is not at all possible.

It’s very much necessary to stay positive and feel down. If ever not getting expected results, learn from the mistakes and start your new chapter with full enthusiasm and determination.

Happiness and positivity are the two main factor to get success not only in business but in everything.

“Your attitude towards obstacles defines you, stay positive always.”

4. Don’t skip the food

If you skip food then it’s difficult to focus on work. There’re many employees who skip breakfast or lunch that not only affects health but also their growth.

It’s better to keep healthy snacks to maintain energy levels in the workplace.

healthy snacks

“Just eat healthy food to stay energetic.”

5. Take regular breaks

Sitting throughout the day at one place or working continuously is not at all good as far as your health is concerned. Its necessary to go for regular breaks to maintain employee motivation in the workplace. It also helps you to maintain good health and balance both your mind and body.

Take regular breaks

“Sometimes you need to unplug yourself from work to begin working with same enthusiasm, determination and be on the same track of success.”

6. Stay healthy

If you’re not healthy then you can hardly complete your task or do everything in time.

Be sure to give those medical benefits to your employees. It may seem larger figure face value, but the truth is that it truly save a lot of money when attendance, productivity, and engagement are concerned.

“Keep yourself healthy and make your life happy and wealthy.”

7. Show the benefit of work

Completing the task in time shows a sense of success that obviously boosts them, but knowing the benefits of that work helped to bring a big difference in the company.

“Share the capsule of benefits so that it works as the best medication.”

8. Keep mission clear and concise

Trust is the main factor in any kind of relationship. Trust is a way to encourage you and your team to stay motivated.

“If the mission is not clear then it’s difficult to achieve that mission.”

9. Share positive results

When any of the employee’s progress is good enough then don’t forget to share their success stories as that leads to motivate everyone.

“If you really want to keep motivated environment then share employee’s success stories with others.”

10. Keep employee secure

It’s not like to add CCTV cameras. It’s about giving personal security to your employees. Once they feel safe and secure, there will be more reasons to stay motivated for the growth of the company.

Keep employee secure

“Safety and security of an employee leads to the growth of the company.”

11. Don’t micromanage and give freedom

Let your employees know the details about the task what they need to be done before the deadline. Let them decide how much time they will take to complete the task. It shows that you’re giving them the freedom to work on that specific project that makes motivation stronger.

don't micromanage

“Employees perform better if there wouldn’t be micromanage process.”

12. Posture

Your body language will tell a lot about you. It will control your overall motivation.


“Your posture defines your personality, be sure to make it the best one.”

13. Give an opportunity to work in a team

Try to give an opportunity for teamwork to your employee. Structure your team work in such a way that it shows a good relationship among employees and that results into a great success.

opportunity for teamwork

“Your dream work comes true if you shape a fruitful work team.”

14. Reward employees

Reward consistently to your employees for their hard work. If they don’t get motivated they expected then it may damage workplace motivation. Be creative in this regard and find out the best way to reward your employee. Don’t limit reward to the bonus.

“If you reward and admire your employees, they go the extra mile you’ve ever dreamt of.”

15. Find fun time sometimes

It’s necessary to find a fun time that makes your working environment great and happy.

“Fun time keep your working environment great and happy.”

16. Find reason like why this work important

If there is no reason for your work then no one love to do the same. It makes work monotonous and may not give the effective result.

If your team know the reason behind that work then it will definitely make a difference for the growth of your company.

“It’s better to know the reason of the work to give 100% result.”

17. Individual performance reward

Teamwork reward is good but identifying the performance of employees who did hard work and reward them will definitely work like a fuel for them and they stay motivated.

performance reward

“Individual performance reward give a chance to open the door of success.”

18. New work opportunities

Employees don’t like if their job becomes monotonous. Even the most aspiring employees become demotivated if they won’t find any changes and stay in the same position for the longer period.

Giving promotion to your employees who are already working for your organization instead of hiring from outside not only motivate them to work harder but also take your company to the next higher level. Try to offer new training or education and also give responsibilities who’re willing to take it. It will definitely help in the overall growth of your employees.

“If you change your work, then it makes your life superior. Try to live an adventurous life.”

19. Be a role model to employees

Your employees will follow you if you stay positive and work hard. You’re going to be a role model of someone. Be the right example and stay positive in everything you do. Keep a smile on your face in every situation. As we all know, nothing is perfect in this world and we have to struggle a lot to achieve success and face obstacles whatever comes. All these obstacles make us strong and bring a difference in our life.

“The best example to your employee is to be the best leader.”

how to bring employee motivation in the workplace

Things that help at the workplace to stay motivated

I have listed out some things that will add value to your working environment. These goodies keep you motivated and happy.

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Employee motivation in the workplace is the core element as far as the company’s success is concerned. It’s difficult to keep employees motivated at the workplace because it may be time-consuming. But to get the best result, it’s very much necessary to keep a positive working environment. Be pretty sure that their work and happiness is the most important for the company’s victory.

Now let me ask you. What are the motivational tips you implement? How you keep yourself motivated? Do you’ve any ideas or tips that will make a difference in the workplace? Share your ideas in the comment section given below.
Stay positive!
Stay awesome!

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