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Get the Best Ways to Learn and Speak the English Language

DO you think that to learn English Language at a time is a bit difficult or expensive? If you’re thinking in that way then think about it again. Technology has developed a lot and thanks to Google that it’s providing many different sources to help you learn the English language faster than before. One of the best part of it is that it is free of cost.

Here’re a couple of resources and tips that help you kick-start your tutorials. It hardly takes 15-18 days for beginner to learn basics of English language and formation of sentences.
1. Be a part of English Language discussion groups on Facebook
2. Watch tutorials on youtube
3. Practice makes man perfect so do it every day in front of the mirror
4. Always think in English
5. Make a friend who can speak English without feeling shy

speak in english

Some assignments that help you:
1. Join at least 5 groups on Facebook of English language

facebook groups
2. Subscribe 5 youtube channel that providing English language tutorial
3. Think in English and write at least one essay or mail per week in English

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