How to have fun being alone

Do you want to enjoy being alone?
Do you feel alone during holidays? Do you think that you cannot have fun being alone?

The fact is you can have fun. We all have some moments when we feel alone even I too have.

Let me tell you one small story of mine. Last year changed my life completely. I lost my parents all of a sudden without any signal. I never stayed alone in my life as my family members loves me a lot and they never left me alone. Soonafter I started new job at new place. I am staying alone. Sometimes I felt so alone that I remain asleep all night and cry. When time and days passes by I changed my thoughts.

I started to have fun and enjoy by my own.

Here are some tips and tricks to stay happy being alone:

1. Make your living room beautiful

If your place is well decorated, clean, and nicely organized, you feel more comfortable. It’s really a fun to decorate the room the way you want. Keep your place airy. Convert your room to a happy corner.

2. Start working on you dream project

One of the best way to utilize your time is to start working on your dream project. You can write a blog, create interesting graphics, read some books, or a projects that take you to the next higher level and make a difference in your life.
Working on own project is really a fun as there is no deadline, pressure or unnecessary advice.

3. Find out that makes you happy

If you’re staying alone then it’s very easy to figure out what makes you happy. You need to prioritize your passions, choices, and ambitions by keeping all unnecessary things aside.

4. Practice to love yourself

We often search for the love outside that sometimes leads to disappointment.
*Try to create new things and keep yourself busy.
* Write your favourite blog or read a book that makes you happy.
* Start your day with positive thoughts.and stay motivated. You may listen to motivational songs or speech.
* Try to find out the reason of your sadness and start working on it.

5. Go out and spend some time with yourself

We often spend time on staying alone and snuggling in bed. That is one of the most common way to spend time alone. You could go out, spend some time with nature, walk on park, or a coffee date with yourself, watch a movie or anything that makes you happy.

6. Make the best version of yourself day by day

If you won’t learn something new on the day that means that day wasted. Learn something new everyday. You can pick up a book, or learn a new language, or update your blog! Staying alone means adding that extra time to your dreams, learn different things everyday, and create new interests.

At the end of the year, you would feel proud of yourself.

7. Just stay calm and relax

Take a moment to relax. You can do meditation, yoga, or visit temple. Stay in front of the TV or eat your favourite food.

We all deserve to have fun, no matter what’s going on in our life.

Being alone is one of the best way to find new love, that’s self love.


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