You are welcome to Motivational Fireball. I am Kanchan Mahananda, a born crazy girl with a passion and a life changing dream. I help people in achieving their goal during their hard times and bring out that meaningful stories for which they’ve ever dreamt of. I love to talk about the value of life. Life is precious to all of us. My story is also different just like yours. We all have our own sight of vision about life. It totally depends on how we are living. We start losing strength when we don’t find love, hope or peace in our life. I too lost strength number of times.

One thing usually comes to my mind is “How people end up their life?”

Do you know that about 70-80% of people end up their life just because of depression? They think everything over due to hard times.

As long as I know, I’ve been curious about life. I wanted to know, what exactly makes other people commit suicide. What makes them heart fully happy, successful and dream fulfilled. Why some people stay happy even though they’re struggling for foods, home, health while on the other hand people take wrong decisions and commit suicide.

I know that our life duration is too short. Some people commit suicide when they face any hard times. Some people become so much depressed that they stay on medication for the longer period. Some people are facing physical pain but still smiling. Some are facing financial problems but still stay happy. Some people become so much weak because of their near and dear ones.  Well, problems are everywhere so is the solution. You are strong enough to face every challenges.

I was passionate about many things and some of them are writing, reading, playing keyboard, painting, creativity, playing indoor games etc.

Several failed efforts at a corporate field and a lot of disappointments forced me to focus on just one thing. I realized that they are just my field of interests and skills that I have which I called them my strength, not a burden. I enjoy them all as they are part of my evolution but not going to make my life.

I was surrounded by four walls and one ceiling of hope at home. I was inside that room for 4 years. I was free in the number of ways as far as my families and friends are concerned. They encourage me, they love me. They told me I was beautiful the way I was. If we don’t have hope in our life then we feel like why we are surviving? Today my life has totally changed. I was looking for hope that I couldn’t see for many years. In fact, this time resembles hope that encourages me more to move forward in every situation.

In this life, you will find many people who discourage you. There’re some people in life for how much creative you have been but they put you down and down or if unfortunately, that day will be bad then they bring you even more down. You feel like you’re made for nothing. These are big failures in your life. You only feel how much it painful and just because of this you decide to quit.

It’s simply like Let Me Quit! Let Me Quit! Let Me Quit!

You might be thinking about hope, opportunity or love.

My friends!!!

Let me tell you one simple thing. Words are meant for nothing. It’s all about love and hope. Love hope can do more than words even love and hope can do anything.

I was searching more for love as it was not enough for me but I was having hope. Just because of this I started giving up slowly. I know, I am here for a reason. I thought of to fight again and again but I didn’t get any miracle but yes I do believe in miracles. I believe that God do miracles as I have seen deaf people able to hear, blind people able to see, and even mute people able to speak. My life may be a miracle to someone else one day. If you don’t get a miracle in your life, you can be a miracle to someone else. Nothing is impossible in this world. Find that inner peace and live your life to the fullest. Never ever give up in your life.

What I believe is, you must try your whole self if you want to thrive in this modern world

To thrive in this modern world, you need to show your own unique creativity, your own personality and the last but not the least, your heart must be pure. You can’t go after your entrepreneurial approach which is critical nowadays.

I believe, whatever may be the obstacles or your dream, you and only you have that power to fulfill. No one can stop you, and, that’s the way you will be able to bring a difference to this world.

Our life is a combination of both sorrows and happiness. If we won’t face hard times then it’s not possible for us to become stronger. Everyone face such turning point in their life. Life is a precious gift. Just live through it and become a successful person that you have dreamt of.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your precious time. I am really looking forward to take this journey of ours a long way with full of happiness and love.

With all my love,

Kanchan Mahananda

Digital Marketing, SEO Analyst, Motivational writer and Blog Manager

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